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About us

We are here to bring aesthetics to the modern workplace.

A design studio rethinking the workplace

At Office Stance, we strive to enhance your workspace by designing functional accessories for your work desk. Our goal is to create a comfortable office environment that promotes enjoyment and productivity. Just as we love our own workplace, we want you to feel the same about yours.

Office Stance team

How it started?

It started with a simple prototype because our colleagues couldn't get their screen high enough. Instead of raising the screen with books and boxes, we started a small production of our own monitor and laptop stands for our own needs.

A while later we also opened an online shop providing Office Stance to Danish consumers.

Why do we do this?

Because we spend so much of our time at work. And the work environment we are in has an impact on our lives.
We think it's important to have a pleasant experience being at work. We try to achieve that through simple and functional accessories.

We design everything in-house and develop our own products into production. Designed in Denmark, handmade in Latvia.

Office Stance close up

Function and simplicity

We design items for the modern office rooted in the best Scandinavian traditions with a take on functionalism and minimalistic design. We aim to make products that are versatile and easy to use.

And we believe simplicity and order contributes to a more enjoyable environment and clear thinking for people. Moreover, good design aesthetics equals long lasting and sustainable products.

Obsession with details

Craftsmanship for us is first and foremost about people and relationships. It requires dialogue and maintaining a common thread from the design process, the prototype development and to the production stages. It requires production with care, professional competency, and respect for the material.

We believe in creating things that last. Things that people buy with care. And thus - buy less.

Office Stance Production house

Office Stance Production house

Directly to you

We go by a model where we produce and source entirely in Europe where we have great knowhow and high quality. It's a model where we pay properly but at the same time, the direct online trade between you and us means that we have cut out all middlemen. That enables us to provide high quality products at a fair price level.